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Downloads (Utilities & Replay Recaps)

1964 Two Team Players

1969 Two Team Players
1971 Two Team Players
1995 Two Team Players
1996 Two Team Players

2004 Multi-Team Players

These Word files let you know who was traded and for what games each player played for each team

1996 Mid-Season Replay Recap

1996 Replay Recap
1995 Replay Recap
These Word files are season replay recaps (1996 still in progress and being updated on the BSB forum)


Board Game Fatigue Keeper, Scoreboard, Playing Field

This file was created by John Kaika and will help you keep track of pitcher fatigue and also serve as a playing field and scoreboard.  Thanks John!


Board Game Score Sheet

Self explanatory but it is an Adobe (pdf) file.


BSB Classic Board Game Helper

This Excel file will roll the dice, and display both the fielding and hitting side of the Flip card.

Easy Play and Under The Hood Game Random Number Generator

This Excel file will generate a sheet of random dice rolls and will display a "0e" signifying the error check along with displaying the pitcher die and giving an optional wild pitch / passed ball trigger.


BSB Classic Board Game Random Number Generator

This Excel file will generate a sheet of random dice rolls and will display a "0e" signifying the error check.


Wall Heights 2004

Wall Heights 2002

Wall Heights 1969

Wall Heights 1964

These Excel files will give you the wall heights for seasons in which the heights were not part of the Pregame book.


Optional Rules

This Adobe (pdf) file contains all the latest in optional rules (many of which have been contributed by Box Seat players).  Last update 5/6/07.

Enlarged Ball Park Card

This is a Word doc sample of the enlarged Ball Park cards that are currently available for the 1969, 1996 and 2004 seasons.


Pickoff/Balk Chart

2004 AL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

2004 NL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1969 AL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1969 NL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1996 AL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1996 NL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1995 AL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

1995 NL Pitcher Pickoff/Balk Ratings

These Word files will contain a new pickoff/balk chart that will use the pitchers ability/rating to determine whether pickoffs or balks are committed